“Bodies as Works of Art” is sanctioned by the World Bodypainting Association and has gained worldwide recognition as America’s premier bodypainting challenge. Produced by Living Art America, as a benefit for The Chelko Foundation Scholarship An international all-star line-up of artists and models from around the world gathered to compete for the for Women in the Arts. Thirty-two Competitors from more than a dozen countries vied for top honors in both professional and emerging artist categories this year. Creating unimaginable works of art on living canvases. the artists painted to this year’s theme, “the Human Condition” showing amazing creativity and technique.

In the Emerging Artist competition, the top three winners were Bingchao Jiang of South Korea in first; Ren Allen of the USA in second and Federico Gauthier of Uruguay took third place. In the Professional Artist competition, prizes were awarded through 5th place. Top finishers were: Cheryl Ann Lipstreu of the USA in first place, followed by Alex Hansen of Canada in second and Moona Weaner (Hyun Yong Jin) of South Korea in third. Winners received both hand made trophies and cash prizes.

Through the festival weekend, nearly 750 people attended three nights of artistic entertainment. Starting with “the Human Zoo”, produced by Imaginary Events, on October 1st, this fantasy club setting was the scene for a UV fluorescent bodypaint competition won by local Atlanta artist, Betina Bailey. On Friday, October 2nd, The Body Art Cabaret, produced by Rosemary Kimble of Enrapturing Entertainment, sold out two back to back variety shows where artists performed in full bodypaint. Bodies as Works of Art opened with Angela Reign, a dynamic performer with a unique blended style of Southern Rock and Hip-Hop. Closing out the evening was Atlanta’s own, Motor Earth, playing an all original list of hard rocking tunes that rolled the crowd. 2015 marked the first time the World Bodypainting Academy was held in North America. The incredible line up of instructors included: Alex Hansen, Wolf Reicherter and Liliana Hopman.



Cheryl Ann Lipstreu 166

Alex Hansen 161

Moona Weaner 153

TiffanyBeckler 147

Jungeun Kim 142

Sara Meyer 141

Mariela Gotuzzo Lampariello 137

Sammie Bartko 136

Aryn Fox 133

Lorie Hamel 130

Angela Rene Roberts 126

Roberto Hernandez 125

Lana Chromium 121

Rudy Campos 115

Liliana Hopman 114

Stephanie Anderson 111

Frankie Caron 105

Nicole Hays 110

Dewayne Flowers 102

Oscar Galvan 92

Wolf Reicherter 92

Myke Magyck 86


Bingchao Jiang 162

Ren Allen 159

Federico Gauthier 156

Amber Michael 138

Virginia Vera 134

Keith Frutiger 133

Fernando Machado 132

Julieth Cañón Lara 120

Chantale Cuisson 112

Aimme Stoddard 104

Tashi Honnery 102

Carolyn Woods 86