Participant Reactions to Living Art America

Dewayne Flowers “This weekend was amazing and that is putting it rather lightly. I met wonderfully talented people, reconnected with old friends, made some exceptional new ones, had conversations from the mundane to life-altering, watched history being made and was immersed into a world of art, colors, culture, positive energy, personalities and life….so much life. If people are only as good as the company they keep, then a special group is floating well above good into the highest parts of this world. Always be creating, remember you are a “bad ass”, live, laugh, love and…click.  I have been honored, humbled, inspired and blessed by all of you”

Dawn Douglas Thank you for the opportunity to participate as a model this year.  It was truly an amazing experience and one of the highlights of my modeling and acting career.  I will definitely be applying to participate again next year!

Craig Tracy “It was a beautiful event filled with talent and great people.”

Frankie Caron “Such a great time and awesome people! I’ll hopefully do better next year!!!”

Lana Chromium “I was lucky to participate in an amazing event, Living Art America Bodies as a Work of Art. It was my first competition. I felt so welcomed and blessed to meet all extremely talented artists, beautiful models and introduced to an amazing art community. It wasn’t just competition, it was gathering with beautiful creative people. So much to learn! So much inspiration! It was more than awesome! Thank you all! Much LOVE! ”

Liliana Hopman “What an amazing week we had in Atlanta, thank you to all my new and long friends for making this a trip to remember !! Special thanks to my amazing host and wonderfull couple Linda and Sandy!”

Riina Laine  “Again, thank you for the amazing event. I enjoyed every minute of it and I was so happy with the model you booked for us. Faye was BRILLIANT! Loved her. So thank you for making this trip to USA unforgettable and full of smiles.”

Olena Fashion TV “Wow! What a powerful and beautiful show this year! Congratulations on the success and many more to come.”

Keith Frutiger “ I am humbled & honored to be a part-love you big time!! Paul is beaming with  pride-another event well done :)”

Lana Chromium “Thank you for the really welcoming atmosphere and AMAZING event organization! It was my first competition and I got so much experience, new friends and good vibes from the Living Art America event and from 3 days we spent together a like big art family.”

Lisa Jay “I had the most exhilarating and magical time of my life. I am so very appreciative to you and Madelyn for including me in such an awesome life changing event. I would love the opportunity anytime you need/want me to be apart of your vision and artistic wonder. I do cherish the time we spend together and look forward to the next one.”

Heather Pietrzak “Thank you for the amazing opportunity to perform at Living Art America. I am so honored to have been a part of such a wonderful event. The amount of talent from all the participants was so inspiring! I was beyond happy to share my artist’s work with the judges and everyone involved, it was an experience of a lifetime. I look forward to future events and wish the best for The Chelko Foundation. Thank you again!

Brandy Valentine “Thank you for having me, it was such a honor to be marked in history. If you are in need of help, or if anyone needs a model. Feel free to contact”

Brandon Saddler “It was nice to meet you and see everyone’s preparation come together with great success. A real pleasure to be a player in such an impressive event. Some really great work came out of it and I look forward to what develops next. “

Darriana Reda “Thank you so much for selecting me to be a part of the wonderful event! My deepest gratitude and love to you all!! :)”

Faye Petree “I know it has been an array of emotions and a labor of love during this creation! Kudos to the entire TRIBE! It was a pivotal point in my career, but most of all, one of the most engaging, uplifting and inspirational human interactions I have ever experienced.  We are all so fortunate to be able to share and grow to such great heights”