Volunteers Wanted!

Hello lovely people! We are 80 days away from Living Art America! As you know there is no larger bodypainting event in New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco. This is the big one! And it is also big fun! We need help of various kinds, with people of different skills! Help us make the magic happen!!

GETTING THE WORD OUT Got a crazy-huge Social Media following? Run a blog with a big readership? A Youtube channel with lots of followers? If you have skills in online marketing we can use the help!!

ANGELS/SPONSORS Have a little cash to put into an amazing art event? Talk to us and we’ll help make it worth your while! Got the skills and the contacts to go after sponsors? We are a 501c3 nonprofit, that should make it easier!! Let’s talk!!

VIDEO STORYTELLERS Reporting ringside in a way that will travel instantly, all around the world.

HERDING CATS Work with top artists from 20 countries and beautiful models wearing Living Art! Help us bring the magic alive with the very best from around the world!!