Tune in to see… YOU?!! – SyFy Special, “Naked & Painted”

Exciting news from the offices of Living Art America! This Tuesday, November 19th, the SyFy Channel will premiere a new, 1-hour bodypainting special called “Naked and Painted”, that will feature footage from the 2013 Living Art America Competition.

2013 Has been a huge year for bodypainting notoriety and Living Art America is proud to play a role in facilitating the art form’s spread into the public consciousness, via the mainstream media. Our event received beautiful international television coverage via CNN and feature-worthy photos blanketing the internet via the Associated Press, blogs and social media. Now SyFy will select some of our competition footage to “flesh out” their special feature. All of this on the heels of the notification that Living Art America has received the official WBA sanction to become the new North American Championships.You can see why it’s turning out to be a banner year!

So to all our 2013 artists, assistants and models, thank you again for your creativity, your camaraderie, your time and your talents. We don’t know what clips they will use, but if we could choose, we’d feature EVERY one of you!

Art and soul, it is a common love of an uncommon creative expression that binds us all. We at Living Art America are positioning ourselves not only to be a competition showcase that crowns champions, but an organization that champions every aspect of the art form. This will be our collective brush stroke on history – discovering the colors of success!