Submit your Artist Statement

This form will allow you to send us the text that goes with your bodypainting. It is what you will verbally present in front of the jury during judging. For the sake of creating clearer understanding, you can enter your statement here. This is also meant to assist our international friends in overcoming the language barrier. Once we receive your artist statement, we will collect them all and they will be printed and available to each of the judges to reference when you make your jury presentation.

This is optional, you are not obligated to submit your artist statement. You can still give your artist statement verbally, before the jury if you choose not to use this form. This is provided for you as a convenience.

Some tips for better presentations

  • Keep your explanation focused on the bodypainting itself.
  • Pointing out visual elements on the bodypainting that explain specific points of your story is a good idea.
  • Don’t be overly philosophical or abstract. Don’t preach, don’t lecture.
  • Be original. Try to offer something unique and different, or present a clever point of view.
  • Get right to the point. Short and punchy is much better than long and drawn-out.
  • Be yourself and speak from the heart!

Please Note: We ask you to keep your statement brief, succinct and to the point. Keep in mind that it does not have to be perfect. You are still able to change your mind if you wish. This form is not a binding commitment, just an aid for clearer understanding.

250 WORDS OR LESS. English language only, please.