Photographer Information

Benefits for Photographers

  • This is the best and biggest bodypainting event in the USA, and, in fact, the entire Western Hemisphere. There is no similar event in New York, Los Angeles or San Fransisco. This is it.
  • Access to the very best bodypainting talent, including current and former World Champions, Skin Wars contestants as well as the brightest emerging talent.
  • Dozens of bodypainted models. The largest assembly of bodypainting competition models in the USA.
  • Artists from many international destinations, all right here, in one place.
  • One stop shopping – No modeling fees, utility costs, location scouting, artist hiring.
  • We manage all the talent, we manage all the contracts and documentation.
  • Shoot a thousand photos, We just need a few goods shots of each model.
  • Spaces are limited. Act now.

2017 Living Art America Photographers

Bodypainting is a process that results in art for many to enjoy through the synergy of the artists, their models, and the image photographers and video photographers that are vital to the process. Living Art America recognizes the importance of this relationship. We want to strengthen this relationship and create an approach that fosters respect, creates more value for all participants, and ensures acknowledgment for all parties. We recognize that bodypainting is a highly visual art form and have run a rather open engagement with photographers in the past to help us bus sharing some of their photos and allowing us to publish. We recognize that high-quality images and videos that travel around the world via the internet and social media are really the ambassadors in helping us promote and grow the community. When done well they communicate the beauty, power, and excitement of this unique art. The quality of images are vital to the quality of our message to the world. This year we would like to ensure there is better value for all participants.

For Photographers:

  • We are strengthening our relationships with a select group of established, professional level photographers by providing exclusive opportunities to work with the artists and models during periods not open to the public with “roaming” and “studio/roaming” options. Unlike past years where this was done in somewhat “free-for-all” fashion, selection and participation are dependent on portfolio submission to be reviewed by our newly appointed Photography Coordinator, Keith Dixon. Keith will also be coordinating activities of the photographers.
  • “Studio” photographers will be allocated a minimum 10’ x10’ space for exclusive image shooting and dedicated time per model/artist combination. No other photographers will be allowed to photograph in that studio location or into the studio space.
  • Copies of all Model releases will be provided to the photographers with assignment for use for both submitted and not-submitted photographs.
  • Images Not Submitted: Designated photographers have no restrictions for use (free and clear copyright) for all pictures not submitted, which should be the large majority the images you take. Additionally, Living Art America agrees to be responsive to any additional support requests for photographer publication [the only caveat being that we request such publication honor the intent of Living Art America standards (no pornography, defamatory use, etc.)
  • Submitted Images: While Living Art America is requesting that photographers submit and transfer copyright for a small portion of the images taken, Living Art America will provide a restricted license to the submitting photographer to use the submitted pictures their promotional use and share equally in the restricted license by extending similar rights to both artists and models.
  • Access to amenities such as refreshment, behind the scenes access, and photographer coordination.
  • Utilities {Electricity/} will be provided for photographers who take advantage of the studio option.

Artists and Models

  • Unlike past years, where the artists and models (volunteers) had little to show for their effort, we’d like to ensure that artists and models have the ability use images submitted for social media, portfolio, and other promotional use.
  • All images (submitted by designated photographers) will be provided to Artists and Models for promotional use (other than commercial use, which Living Art America retains the rights to).
  • Artists and Models may request use of the images for commercial use by contacting the Living Arts America media contact.

Artists, Models, and Photographers

  • We will require all artists, models, and photographers to provide attribution when submitted photographs are used and to use #livingartamerica (or other attribution to Living Art America). We recognize there are times when this might be impractical, but expect a good-faith effort to treat all participants equally.
  • The majority of images/photographs (“not submitted”) will be retained by the photographer. While Living Art America cannot require it, we do request photographers follow the above rules and guidelines. Artist and models should understand that if a photographer provides you images for promotional purposes, where those images are not provided through Living Art America, the images are copyrighted by the photographer and as such should not be altered significantly (watermark removed or materially altered). If you wish to alter the image you should ask the photographer for permission (other than basic resizing for social media use).
  • In all cases, it is the hope of Living Art America that all images/photographs are presented artistically and respectfully and not used in a defamatory way or in locations not representing our principles (such as pornography site). Such use may result in blocking the individual from future participation.

Upcoming Publications featuring Living Art America

  • All Designated Photographers will be included in this years’ Program Book, called “Living Art America – 2016 Annual”. You must be a registered Designated Living Art America photographer in order to participate.
  • All Designated Photographers will receive first consideration for inclusion in the book “The World’s Best Bodypainting – 2016”.
Learn More About Bodypainting Books featuring Living Art America


Group One – Studio Photographers

  • A limited number of Designated Studio Photographers will be chosen for each event at Living Art America.
  • Each Designated Studio Photographer will be given a 10’ x 10’ space to use as their studio space. This space is theirs to set up as they wish with lights, backgrounds, etc.
  • Each of these spaces will be arranged in a row, one next to the other
  • Bodypainted models will leave the judging area and proceed to the photographers stations, where they will visit each one in a sequential flow.
  • Models will spend 5 minutes (or less) at each station. This means that each model may potentially spend 100 minutes total in all the photographer’s stations.
  • The designated time forDesignated Studio Photographers to shoot is immediately after the judging and before the evening show.
  • Set up and load-in may begin as early as 9am.
  • Designated Studio Photographers may also shoot during the ongoing bodypainting competition two hours before the public enters into the competition painting area (12:00 noon). No photography of any kind is allowed before this time.
  • This space will be exclusively your own. Neither the public nor any other photographers will be allowed to shoot “over your shoulder”. If any violation of this rule occurs, please inform our personnel and the matter will be addressed immediately.
  • Videography will also be part of the offerings, however, the video area will be separate from the photographer area so as to prevent light bleed from flashing lights.

A fee of $165 (non-refundable) will be paid upon registration for each event. This includes standard admission to the event for the photographer. Light fare – food and beverages are available during the day. You may register for any two events for a savings of 10%. You may register for all three events for a savings of 15%. This includes standard admission to the event for one photographer. If you require an assistant, please contact us at Please use the subject heading in your email: PHOTOGRAPHER ASSISTANT REQUEST.


Group Two – Roaming “Free-Range” Photographers

  • A limited number of Designated Roaming Photographers will be chosen for each event at Living Art America.
  • Photographers will have access to the ongoing bodypainting competition two hours before the public enters into the competition painting area (12:00 noon). No photography of any kind is allowed before this time.

A fee of $85 (non-refundable) will be paid upon registration.This includes standard admission to the event for the photographer. Light fare – food and beverages are available during the day. You may register for any two events for a savings of 10%. You may register for all three events for a savings of 15%. This includes standard admission to the event for one photographer.


Important – Contracts and Documents

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Feedback Appreciated!

We love to get constructive criticism, suggestions or even outright praise about how we’re doing with Living Art America. We read all your comments carefully. You guys have great ideas and we love hearing them!

Please fill out the free application below. Living Art America will carefully select photographers for a few limited spots in each category. These photographers will then be notified and required to complete the full registration process.