Meet the Team

Meet the folks responsible for bringing this event to life:


Randi LayneRandi Layne

Randi Layne has a multifaceted career as an actress, model, choreographer, correspondent, dancer, fashion coordinator and, spokesperson. She has a natural ability to capture audiences with her dynamic style and energy. Her impressive resume highlights her experience and in depth understanding of presentation and production.

Her career began 40 years ago as owner of Dance Arts Studio from there she moved on to work as a fashion model in every major market in the US. Represented by both the Ford and Elite agencies, her acting credits include principle roles in major motion pictures, TV series and daytime dramas. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Fashion Group International and is TAG certified. She is a dynamic force in entertainment and production using her well honed skills to create first class presentations and shows for her clients. In addition, Ms. Layne has served as spokesperson for numerous corporations and appeared in dozens of national advertising campaigns.

in 1990 Ms. Layne established Catwalk Productions Inc. a full service event management company. Driven by the axiom that the fusion of glamour, theater, rhythms and ambiance will engage, entertain and inform any audience. That philosophy and approach is clearly evident in every Catwalk Productions event. Delivering unsurpassed value to their clients. Ms. Layne continues to run the company and expand the list of both National and International clients.

In addition, Ms. Layne is very active in her community and volunteers with numerous organizations. In 2007 she accepted the position as Executive Director of The Chelko Foundation whose mission is to “Empower Women Worldwide through Art”. Under her leadership, the Foundation has donated over $160,000.00 in grants and scholarships and established numerous strategic partnerships with other service organizations. She is also instrumental in creating “Bodies as Works of Art”, an annual fundraiser featuring a live exhibition and juried competition of fine art bodypainting. The event has gained international recognition and evolved into “Living Art America”, The North American Bodypainting Championship”.


Ken Goldwasser

Ken Goldwasser is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and leader with a unique ability to inspire creativity and bring people together.

A fourth generation Atlantan, Ken holds degree in Geology from Emory University and a Graduate Gemologist Certification from the Gemological Institute of America. His career in Diamonds, Precious Stones and Fine Jewelry, started at Cartier on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in 1982. Then in 1984 he opened the doors of his own shop back in Atlanta, his hometown. An active member of the American Gem Society and the International Society of Appraisers, Ken traveled extensively in the trade consulting with designers, retailers and clients. Toward the end of nearly 25 years in the industry, in 2004, Ken followed his passion into the world of Auto Racing.

Ken worked with the Hypersport Race team on the Koni Challenge Campaign providing support for two Ford FR500C Mustangs. His duties included: team logistics, sponsor development/activation and at track services. With the 2008 Koni Challenge Championship the team grew quickly, Reforming as Dempsey Racing, the team expanded into both the Rolex and ALMS series. Ken provided valuable management support for multiple customer programs. With race-winning campaign management, he continues to work with professional and amateur race team owners and drivers.

Ken’s philanthropic pursuits started early. As an Eagle Scout and Assistant Scoutmaster since 1976, community service is a family tradition. Working closely with Aid Atlanta as a member of their Catalyst Committee, Ken was co-chair for Urban Chic, for their annual fundraiser. Additionally, Ken has provided sponsorship and support to the American Cancer Society, Atlanta Humane Society. He is a lifetime advisor for the Eli and Evelyn Socoloff Fund and was tapped by artist Paul Chelko to serve as a member of the Chelko Foundation Board. Since 2007, Ken has been a driving force behind the Chelko Foundation and recently accepted the position of Director of Development.



Scott Fray

Scott once performed a backflip dive off the deck of a Russian ice-class vessel into the chilly ocean waters below the Antarctic Circle. He has climbed many of the world’s pyramids and has performed music for the Dalai Lama at his house in Daramsala, India. He has raced across the Langnajokul Glacier in Iceland, flown over the tepuis in Venezuela, dined on reindeer in Lapland, witnessed the greening of Greenland in the arctic spring and lain in the sarcophagus in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid in Egypt. He considers himself a student of the world and finds endless interest in discovering more about culture, art, music, history, nature, living creatures, and the world’s spiritual traditions.

Born in Michigan, he studied illustration at the Center for Creative Studies College of Art and Design in Detroit. He has worked in advertising, publishing, multimedia development, interactive media, and web design. He has composed musical scores to theater productions and authored several original shows. He collects musical instruments from around the world. As an amateur orchardist, he has cultivated over 200 fruit-bearing plants and trees, with many exotic specimens. He is a member of Mensa, a monofin swimmer, a bassist, a raw foodie, and a Jeffersonian. He considers bodypainting to be a historically relevant art movement, one that will grow into a greater cultural significance with time. He is also the first and only bodypainting artist to win all five World Awards in an unbroken string of victories, acres every category. He has won first-place titles for bodypainting at the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival in South Korea, Bodies as Works of Art in Atlanta and Living Art Tennessee. He achieved a Guinness World Record  for bodypainting – twice. He has judged bodypainting events and taught bodypainting workshops around the globe. He lives with his wife Madelyn in Reidsville, NC. Their bodypainting art can be seen at



Madelyn Greco

Madelyn Greco is a World Bodypainting Festival Champion, with first place wins in all five “world award” categories in four consecutive years, achieved in tandem with her husband, Scott Fray. The pair also achieved North American Championship status (2010, 2011) and set a bodypainting Guinness World Record in 2007. They won first-place in the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival in South Korea.

No stranger to the stage, Madelyn has appeared in leading roles in her local theatrical community and is equally well-known as award-winning, 10-year burlesque and cabaret entertainment veteran, “Foxy Moxy”. As this alter-ego, Madelyn was recently crowned 2013’s “Best Burlesque Performer” by the regional alternative press. She has produced original stage works for Greensboro Fringe Festival, appeared in (and/or scripted) numerous local TV ad spots, authored a regional glossy monthly publication’s A&E column as well as two alternative-newsweekly arts columns and made burlesque festival appearances that include the prestigious Asheville Americana and Burlesque Festival. “Foxy Moxy” is also a 2004 SproutFund Pittsburgh Arts Grant recipient and creator of performance troupe, “Cabaret Risque”. A personal favorite “show-biz” credit would be her much-anticipated turn as a selected Center Camp Cafe Stage entertainer at Burning Man, a performance given whole-heartedly (and unfortunately) in a blinding, choking, white-out, dust storm!

All of her passions involve bringing love, reverence and celebration of the human body to a wider audience. Drawn first to combating ideas of shame with the humor and grace of the neo-burlesque movement, Madelyn’s lifelong artistic sensibilities were stirred instantly by the bold powers of transformation, she recognized could be reached through bodypainting. She is incredibly grateful for all the blessings that have adorned her richly intertwined life of love and art and she remains eager to share her joy and talents with the world.