Musical Selections for Presentation



Your bodypainted model will be making a 1-2 minute presentation before a live audience on the night of the show. This is accompanied by music of your choosing and may include dance, performance art, props, additional performers, etc. Please contact us if you plan to have something especially long or involved.

Music Selection – You Have Two Choices

  1. OPTION ONE: Send us the NAME of the song and we will acquire it from iTunes. NOTE: iTunes will not carry unusual or obscure songs, please keep this in mind. We are not responsible for locating music outside of iTunes. You might want to test it yourself first, just to be certain they have your music. PLEASE UNDERSTAND – the song will be played at the beginning and allowed to run for the duration of your model’s on-stage performance (1-2 minutes), we cannot start the song in the middle. The cost of this service is covered in your artist registration fee, so there will be no charge to you.
  2. OPTION TWO: Send us a sound file that features the music you want, mixed the way you want. The requirements for doing this are listed below:
  • You must send in your music selection in an mp3 format. The digital file MUST be less than 5mg or it will be voided from our email server.
  • We will not accept music on a CD or flash drive the day of the show.
  • You cannot make a selection from the production crew on the day of the show.
  • In the event that you did not send in any music, a random song will be played to accompany your presentation.
  • We will not accept last-minute submissions. There are no exceptions to this rule. Please plan accordingly.
  • There are a variety of free software options available if you need to save a song as an mp3 file.

You MUST Rename your Sound File!

Please rename your sound files BEFORE filling out this application. Rename the file with your name followed by the song title (short), such as “artistname_songtitle.jpg”. Please do not use any spaces or unusual characters. Capitalization is allowed.

WARNING! If you do not rename your files we will have no idea which files are yours! This will void your application.

The due date for all of the above is September 16, 2018.


2018 application form will be available soon.