Angela Reign

Opening for this year’s 2015 Bodies as Works of Art-North American Bodypainting Championship, Angela Reign’s music defies easy categorization. In 2013, fans and the GA Music Awards crowned Angela Reign the Best Female Country Artist of the Year. In the same year, Angela was named by CBS Atlanta as one of the 5 Best Local Rock Bands, and her band competed as finalists in Hard Rock’s International Battle of the Bands. In 2014, Angela Reign was nominated for Best Overall Female Artist of the Year, and in 2015 Angela’s first release is a techno dance song collaboration with GA Music Awards Hip Hop Artist of the Year, Se’Von. Whatever the genre, Angela brings it to the stage with one of the most high-energy and electrifying shows in the business. Fans, club owners, the press, DJs and music critics alike are raving over Angela’s powerful original music, masterfully performed covers.

Motor Earth

Keeping the party going this year is a true incarnation of Atlanta rock and roll… With a diverse set of influences including Queens of the Stone Age, Thin Lizzy, The Beatles, Cheap Trick, and the Foo Fighters, Motor Earth’s sound is equal parts riff-driven and hook laden.  From raw, visceral rock rhythms to refined, multi-layered harmonies; Motor Earth occupies a space that is seldom filled by the bands of today.