Model Information

Artists may provide their own model, or we will work to help you secure one of our volunteer applicants for the competition day.

Living Art America gives artists and models an opportunity to create together an unforgettable living work of art that will be captured in the minds of the viewer and preserved photographically. Your gift of time and talent will be rewarded with lasting images of your part in bringing the artist’s vision to life.

Thank you for you interest in volunteer bodypaint modeling! 

Please note that no financial remuneration is expressed or implied from Living Art America and that Models are responsible for all costs related to their participation. Living Art America will endeavor to create a safe and respectful environment in which all event attendees may enjoy bodypainting in a fine-art presentation context, but it must be understood that Models participate at their own risk, and that monitoring the use to which guests put their photographic content is beyond the event organizer’s control.

Requirements for models:

  • Must be over 18 years of age as of January 1, 2018
  • Provide digital images to share with the artists for selection
  • Have the ability to express the artist’s vision on stage and in front of the camera
  • Both Print and Runway experience preferred
  • Maintain a professional and courteous attitude at all times
  • You must sign a standard model release form
  • You agree to participate in this open-call process as a volunteer only, without seeking to secure compensation from Living Art America or any registered third-party, such as artists, assistants or photographers.

Models will be paired with their artists before the event by email or telephone so that the artist’s concept can be conveyed and the model knows what is expected.

Sample of Model Release Form

All models must agree to a model rehearsal and training session. This will take place approximately one week before the competition events. Date and place TBA.Note this is for local models only. If you’re traveling to participate, you needn’t be present for the training.

If you are invited to participate in the competition by an artist, you do not need to accept the first offer you receive. However PLEASE respectfully decline an inquiry if you choose to do so in a timely fashion, so that artist may connect with other good choices. You have the right to choose an artist you would like to work with. Once your choice is made, however, you must stick with the artist you have committed to. We ask that everyone treat each other with kindness and respect.

Tips for Bodypainting Models

Ready to Become a Bodypainting Model?

Join our team of volunteer models for a one-day experience like no other! Make new friends and professional contacts and enjoy your transformation into a work of art, as you take center stage before an adoring audience.

Bodypainting Model Application for Living Art America

Best Model Award

The model that brings to life the artist’s vision in the most captivating way will receive the “Best Model Award”.

Living Art America has now moved to North Carolina

We recommend that you fill out a new Model Application.

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Feedback Appreciated!

We love to get constructive criticism, suggestions or even outright praise about how we’re doing with Living Art America. We read all your comments carefully. You guys have great ideas and we love hearing them!

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