The second Living Art Greensboro was FABULOUS! A part of the “17 Days Festival”, it featured current and former World Champions as well as first-timers. Contestants from Europe, Australia and South America mixing with local talent. Exhibitions by Organic Armor and sculptor Greg Carter. Triad Aerial Arts showcased their incomparable talents on the aerial silks. Harpist Lyrika Holmes opened the night and jazz vocalist Sarah Strable and her 11-piece band brought it to a rocking finale. Thank you to all of our brilliant artists who filled the night with such beauty, and to all the amazing models that brought the art to life! Thank you to our sponsors Cameleon Bodypaint, Kathy Rooney and the Rolfing Associates of the Triad as well as production partners ArtsGreensboro and Revolution Mill for being part of this memorable event!!

The theme for 2015 was “Days of Future Past”
Here’s the artist’s final scores:
1. Alex Hansen 84
2. Cheryl Ann Lipstreu 82
3. Tiffany Beckler 79
4. Angela Rene Roberts 79
5. Ren Allen 74
6. Shauna Burns 69
7. Molly Chopin 67
8. Amber Michael 66
9. Liliana Hopman 66
10. Fernando Machado/Federico Gauthier 65
11. Virginia Vera 63
12. Revonne Carter 56
13. Joy (Evangeline) Monroe 55
14. Tashi Honnery 50
15. Suzy Kalin 49
16. Caroline Comer 36
17. Stephanie Davis 28