Bodypaint Competitors

Competition models pose for Living Art Greensboro photographers


Artists from a variety of exotic international locales painted alongside US-based artists, including some from North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad, for the first Living Art Greensboro Bodypainting Championship. With a strong field of competitors in the Emerging Artist and Professional levels, Living Art America’s international jury was highly impressed with the quality of the work presented during the gala evening event at the Elm Street Center in downtown Greensboro.

We at Living Art America could not be more pleased with the level of creative talent showcased or the excitement surrounding the event itself. The artists’ pride was as evident as the paint on the radiant faces of their model-canvasses, who commanded the stage with grace, power and even humor. We wish to offer our congratulations to each and every team.

Though the winners learned of their placements immediately, the rest have been patiently awaiting this posting. Here are the final rankings of the 2014 Living Art Greensboro Bodypainting Championships:


Professional Category:
Deborah Brommer, — points 109 – place 8th
Cheryl Ann Lipstreu, — points 132 – place 3rd
Liliana Hopman, — points 102 – place 9th
Dawn DeWitt, — points, 94 – place 11th
Angela Renee Roberts, — points 130 – place 4th
Orly Snir, — points 96 – place 10th
Guisy Campolungo, — points 136 – place 2nd
Julie Bohm, — points 117 – place 7th
Tiffany Beckler, — points 122 – place 5th
Alex Hansen, — points 139 – place 1st
Stephanie Anderson, — points 120 – place 6th

Emerging Artist Category:
Carolyn Woods, — points 85 – place 10th
Jill Caudill, — points 78 – place 13th
Holly Wright, — points 66 – place 16th
Alisia Silliman, — points 110 – place 3rd
Evengeline Monroe, — points 84 – place 11th
Lacey Bailey, — points 118 – place 1st
Missy Newkirk Fiedler, — points 96 – place 6th
Taylor White, — points 79 – place 12th
Amber Michael, — points 113 – place 2nd
Ren Allen, —points 106 – place 4th
Harry Blair, — points 93 – place 7th
Fernando Machado, — points 89 – place 8th
Sydney Vigotov, — points 101 – place 5th
Revonne Carter, — points 88 – place 9th
Angela Brown, — points 72 – place 14th
Rod Montoya, — points 70 – place 15th


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