Learning IS fun! Group shot of Instructor Lynn Cole's "Intro to Bodypainting Class".

Learning IS fun! Group shot of Instructor Lynn Cole’s “Intro to Bodypainting Class”.


"Making the grade" has never been more fun for new artists! A++

“Making the grade” has never been more fun for new artists! A++

Living Art Academy, the education branch of Living Art America held their second quarter classes at Binders Performance Makeup the weekend of March 28-30. Students experienced a variety of classes and different teaching perspectives.
Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco kicked off the weekend’s festivities with a presentation on The History of Bodypainting. Through powerpoint and lively discussion Scott and Madelyn took participants on a visual journey with examples of tribal and ceremonial bodypainting juxtaposing it with the works of modern day masters of the art form.
Lynn Cole taught two sessions of Intro to Bodypainting, in which she covered the different brush strokes that are commonly used in bodypainting and the different bodypainting products that can be utilized to enhance a painting. Students practiced on one another in the beginning and by the end of Lynn’s four hour class her students were on their feet composing a half bodypaint on a live model!
Scott and Madelyn teamed up to teach The Art of the Competitive Edge, a class that imparted the inside information on how these 3-time world champions compete. In the class, Scott and Madelyn discussed how to brainstorm a theme-based concept, how to begin to visualize a painting through sketch and design, how to effectively prep a model for competition, how to design and fabricate accessories and costuming, how to create a script for a jury presentation, and how to select appropriate music for stage presentation. The dynamic thrust of this class detailed how they utilize these techniques to fine-tune a compelling bodypaint idea into a winning design.
Other highlights of the weekend included Miss Madelyn teaching on Headpiece and costume creation using craft foam and heating techniques and Scott’s offering on better bodypainting composition. In the Composition for Bodypainting Class, he discussed the different areas of prime ‘real estate’ on a human canvas. Scott focused in on the purposeful difference that exists when comparing a competition vs. advertising vs. a live event painting vs. a fine art bodypainting; teaching that if you are aware of the aim, you can adapt more nimbly to the task ahead of you and boost your work for maximum impact.
Overall it was a fabulous weekend. Those who participated enjoyed their experiences and most importantly LEARNED hands-on about the art form we all love! If you are interested in learning more about Living Art Academy, or participating in the Academy’s upcoming classes in July or October, please visit the Academy’s website at: http://www.livingartamerica.com/living-art-academy

Academy Instructor Madelyn Greco strikes a pose at The 2014 Living Art Academy Launch in Atlanta.

Academy Instructor Madelyn Greco strikes a pose at The 2014 Living Art Academy Launch in Atlanta.