alexbAlex Berendregt

Alex Barendregt is the CEO of WB Production, the chairman of WBA – the World Bodypainting Association and the producer of the World Bodypainting Festival. With a passion for inspiring the world around him, Alex Barendregt set forth to follow his dream of organizing and producing creative events. Accruing personal growth from travel and experience, he began the World Bodypainting Festival in 1998 as a small event in a public park, bringing artists and the human canvas out into the beauty and freedom of nature for the enjoyment of all. The festival successfully evolved into a full-scale competition, attracting more visitors, media and artists and establishing itself as the industry’s premier event.

In 2001, Alex felt the need to create a worldwide artist’s network, and the World Bodypainting Association was born. As of 2013, artists from 35 nations enjoy membership standing in the WBA, headquartered in Austria, which also lends organization to many diverse bodypainting events around the world. In 2011, World Bodypainting Productions was established as the leading agency in the bodypainting industry, helping to professionalize the association as well as the festival.

Genevieve “Jinny” Houle

Jinny, is a renowned face and body painting artist who has captured the hearts of fellow artists and fans around the globe. She continues to travel the world sharing her passion with them. Her vibrant abstract designs and clever use of color, combined with her amazing brush control make Jinny one of the most sought after artists in her field. Her creative and breathtaking work has been featured in international media, magazines and books, in addition to TV, movies, commercials, conventions, shows, and corporate events. She has been an esteemed judge at the World Body Painting Festival in Austria as well as at the Face and Body Art International Convention in the United States. In addition, Jinny has been the artistically creative influence behind such Cirque du Soleil special event productions as “Love”, “Delirium”, “Corteo”, “Ovo” and “Totem”. She is also the co-creator of Paradise Makeup AQTM, manufactured by Mehron, Inc. in the U.S., Jinny works tirelessly to help create makeup that is not only natural in its ingredients but also healthy for the skin. Thanks to Jinny’s efforts Paradise Makeup AQTM has become a market-leading brand worldwide.

Craig Tracy

Craig Tracy

“My paintings are like songs that I sing only once but that I listen to for a lifetime.”

Craig Tracy is a master airbrush artist, painter and sometimes even finger painter. He combines his work with both the living form and traditional canvas art to create illusions in fine detail. His compositions demand a perfect placement of the body that harmonizes with the natural shapes present and reflects his appreciation of human beauty. Craig Tracy became an important part of the bodypainting community when he joined the World Bodypainting Festival in 2004. He immediately found a place among an artistic circle of friends that has encouraged communication between artistic styles. He also further earned the respect of fellow artists and bodypainting appreciators by becoming world champion in the category of airbrush bodypainting. Craig helps spread understanding for the art of bodypainting to its viewers by bringing together artists with varying styles and techniques. Some of his most interesting work is in collaboration with fellow bodypainting artists. One of Craig’s greatest achievements has been the creation of the ‘Painted Alive Gallery’ in New Orleans. This is an innovation for the bodypainting world as it is a space dedicated purely to bodypainting.

Robin Slonina

Robin-headshotRobin Slonina is a producer and judge on the hit TV show “Skin Wars” – currently in its fourth season on GSN. She is also the Owner and Creative Director of the world-famous Skin City Body Painting in Las Vegas.

Slonina’s body art has been featured on ABC, BBC news, Fox, GSN, Lifetime, MTV, Showtime, Spike, Travel Channel and Univision, as well as on the Jimmy Kimmel show and a 2012 Super Bowl commercial. It has also been featured in numerous newspapers & magazines across the country.

When not creating her body art, painting and sculpture, Slonina works passionately for the many charitable organizations she is involved with, and loves spending time with her husband and five-year-old son.