Living Art America, The Challenge Series!

presenting a “Living Art Exhibition” in Johnson City in eastern Tennessee.



Day Session 
Experience artists creating masterpieces of living art on beautiful models as you watch!

Evening Show
7 pm exciting presentation of spectacular bodypainted models! a “living art exhibition”!

Living Art America, The North American Bodypainting Championship is the biggest body painting event in the Western Hemisphere. It is the top competition in the USA, and presents awards celebrating the very best in the world of competitive fine-art body painting, and draws distinguished contenders from around the globe. Artists complete their work in a lightning-fast, intense, live-action session wherein the public can view the work coming to life before their eyes. Amazing masterpieces using the human form as a canvas are later presented to the audience in an evening extravaganza. There is a presentation of each model in a grand stage show and an awards ceremony.

In an effort to build a culture of excellence in bodypainting, we are piloting a series of events before the major competition, “The Challenge Series”. The Challenge Series is a combination of a body paint artist exhibition coupled with a photo shoot challenge. The goal is to broaden the appreciation of body paint as an art form with extending the Living Art America community to include new communities, venue partners, fans, photographers, and models..

For Models, Photographers and Artists

Models – This is a collaboration between the artist and model to bring the artist’s concept to life visually in the body as canvas and emotionally in how the model portrays the artist’s vision during the “runway” portion of the show. It is also an opportunity to expand the base and create vibrant bodypaint communities in North Carolina and adjacent states by introducing models from the local model community into the art form.

Photographers – This a chance to capture one-of-a-kind photos that both tell a story and are visually unique. We ask photographers to give Living Art America a section of images to use for promotion (about 20 is recommended). This is important to ensure artists and models have a remembrance and promotional materials. LAA will handle all model releases and provide them to the photographers.

Artists – Unlike a juried event, this is an opportunity for artists to experiment with new concepts and work with new models, providing a forum for new visionary expression, and strengthening the creative community.

10am Artists begin painting
1:30-4:30pm photographer access to live painting
2:30-4:30pm public enters, “Day session”
4:30pm painting concludes, 30 minute break
5-7pm Photography sessions with models
7-8:30 Evening show, “Living Art Exhibition”

Living Art Tennessee is proud to partner with our parent organization, to bring you world class bodypainting events, right here in Eastern TN!!

Coordinated by
Ren Allen & Keith Dixon

Bodypaint Artists

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