2012 Review –
Bodies as a Work of Art

For its third year, the Bodies as a Work of Art competition was held in an exclusive private aircraft hangar at one of the Nation’s largest and busiest general aviation airports. A masterful stroke, transformed the space with luxurious surroundings, magnificent art and a specially designed runway to highlight the artists creations. The splendid Autumn night became a dramatic back drop for a monumental show filled with exotic beauty and diverse entertainment.  We invite you to delve into our 2012 event video section where you will find a highlight reel offering a glimpse into the event and festivities as well as additional videos of our first two placements from the 2012 competition. Artists, models and audience alike were thrilled to be part of this unparalleled show.



Video of the first-place winners’ stage presentation Video of the second-place winners’ stage presentation


First Place: Scott Fray

Second Place: Stephanie Anderson

Third Place: Don Purcell

Audience Choice: Scott Fray