2014 Review – Sanibel Island
Bodypainting Competition

Living Art America sponsored Sanibel Island Competition

Living Art America sponsored Sanibel Island’s 2014 Bodypaint Competition

sanibel bodypainting

Jesse and Greta  Rave reviews surround the 2014 Sanibel Island Bodypainting Competition. Islanders, visitors, staff and our own Living Art America jury were highly impressed by the level of professionalism and imagination that marked Sanibel Island, Florida’s inaugural event. Drawing talent from a 600 mile radius, the artists made the most of their allotted five hours, turning out beautiful, poignant and thought-provoking work on the theme, “illumination”. Festival-goers enjoyed the chance to walk around the artist area after the first two hours of work had been completed, shooting pictures and remarking upon the evolution of the art before their eyes. This translated into an eager audience for the stage presentation and awards.

Living Art America organizers relished this opportunity to facilitate Sanibel Island’s first foray into supporting this art form. It was a pleasure to bring bodypainting to a new and appreciative group of people, young and old, who will undoubtedly welcome an expanded event in years to come.


Our Winners

Congratulations to all of the artists who came to participate in this years’ event!!! Let us now recognize our prize-winners: Participant Scores




Serving on our panel this year were Madelyn Greco, Randi Layne, and Scott Fray.