2014 Review –
Living Art Greensboro

lag2014-04Our first annual competition in Greensboro North Carolina! The competition was held at the Empire Room and the evening show was presented at the Regency Room, both part of the Elm Street Center, downtown. Co-produced with ArtsGreensboro, Living Art Greensboro was designed as the flagship event for the “17 Days Festival”. The theme this year was “A Day in the Life”.



Our Winners

Congratulations to all of the artists who came from around the globe to participate in this years’ event!!! Let us now recognize our Living Art Greensboro 2014 prize-winners:

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winnerblockLAG2014-pro2 spaceshim

winnerblockLAG2014-pro3 spaceshim

winnerblockLAG2014-pro4 spaceshim



winnerblockLAG2014-ea1 spaceshim

winnerblockLAG2014-ea2 spaceshim


2014 Judges

Serving on our panel this year were Scott Fray (USA), Madelyn Greco (USA), and Bella Volen (Bulgaria). Wolf Reicherter (Germany), and Yolanda Bartram (New Zealand).