“Fire on the Mountain”

Saturday, August 19, 2017


The idea is to combine fire performance (poi), bodypainting and beautiful landscapes for the purpose of creating stunning photos and video. The next day, for those that choose to take advantage of this, we will have a day floating down the Dan River in a kayak. The PERFECT way to spend a summer afternoon!

This is an artist’s retreat. For the professional photographer, it is a chance to shoot beautiful models in gorgeous bodypaint placed in amazing natural settings, including incredible rock formations. This is a rare opportunity for a group of artists, models and photographers to have the entirety of the lodge completely to ourselves, to make art, shoot photos, enjoy the camaraderie, set amidst a gorgeous natural landscape. Sunday morning we will spend a day enjoying a day on the river in a kayak.

This is actually a recreation of a project we did in 2008 called, “Grand Fire Trine”. The title came from a rare astrological conjunction of planets in three fire signs. We made some films about it and you can see those below. You’ll notice that the painting was black and white geometrics. We chose this because years of experience taught us that the light from the fire washes out all color and only bold designs really cut through. We would like to keep to that same philosophy this time as well, with the addition of adding metallic gold and silver.

“Grand Fire Trine” videos from 2008

Dan River Company kayaks and canoes

Stokes County Arts Council

New for 2017

  • ALL models must also be fire performers.
  • There will be only one destination, which is the SingleTree Lodge. All activity will take place at this location. There will be no need to travel to the Green Heron (like 2016).
  • All Participants should plan on staying at the Lodge. All Rooms MUST be paid for in advance of the event. Base charge is $75 per person,
  • There will be a public access aspect to the event. This will begin at 5pm. Audiences will be present to enjoy an evening show. Ticket information and pricing can be found here.

Photographer’s pass (day and night) – $145 plus the $75 base charge for the room (per person), if you stay at the Singletree Lodge.

SPACE IS LIMITED – this is a very special event and we only have space for a limited number of models and artists. If you have questions or need special help with this, please email us at admin@livingartamerica.com. Contact us, we are here to help you!

12:00 noon begin bodypainting at Singletree Lodge
5pm evening guests arrive at Singletree Lodge
Note: Sunset is projected to be at exactly 8:04pm

Got Questions? We are here for you!

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Kayaking trip on the Dan River – SUNDAY, AUGUST 20

The Dan River Company rents canoes and kayaks. Those of us who are interested in a river trip on Sunday morning/afternoon will spend about 4 hours on the river in an easy relaxing float. The take-out point is where the boats are returned and your cars are parked.

• FULL Kayaking trip, (boat, paddle, PFD, shuttle service) is $40 per person
• Kayaking trip, shuttle service ONLY (if you have your own boat) is $15 – $5 per person

Please fill out the forms below and indicate if you are interested in being a part of our river trip group.

Fire Performers / Bodypaint Models

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Photographers / Videographers

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Bodypaint Artists

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Fire Photography Master Class

For those ready to take things to the next level, Kevin LeVezu will offer a special two-hour master class for photographers, “Dancing with Fire” in an intermediate to advanced class that will instruct photographers on the particular challenges of shooting fire, including live demonstrations, and gain specific techniques for creating truly unique images.

An additional charge of $95 applies for this class. Sign up through our Photographer Application form.

Photographer Application Form

Danbury, North Carolina (near Hanging Rock State Park)

SingleTree Lodge
1215 Single Tree Rd, Danbury, NC 27016
(336) 593-2155
SingleTree Lodge Website

The Dan River Company
1110 Flinchum Rd, Danbury, NC 27016
Phone: (336) 593-4733

The Dan River Company

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