Bodypainting Books

We are pleased to announce several new book projects:

“Living Art America – 2016 Annual”

A collection of the very best photographs from all the events of “Living Art America, The North American Bodypainting Championship” Every artist and every model will be represented in some way in this beautiful, limited edition book commemorating the energy excitement and artistry of these amazing events. Books will be available for purchase via and at next year’s competition.

“The World’s Best of Bodypainting – An International Showcase – 2016 Edition”

We are pleased to announce a beautiful, new publication featuring full-page color images on every page.This will be an annual review containing a juried selection of the best bodypainting images.


  • ONLY bodypainting art that was painted within the calendar year of 2016 will be chosen
  • Competition, studio, event photos are all acceptable
  • Professionally photographed work is preferred
  • Photos submitted must be 300 dpi, no smaller than 1000 pixels length or width. (web images are too small and will be rejected).
  • Digitally retouched images are acceptable
  • Digital composited images are acceptable (creating digital artwork using a bodypainting photo as a starting point)
  • Some images will also be chosen by the editors for a place of special merit and labeled accordingly.
  • Artists, photographers, assistants, stylists and anyone else involved in the creation of the images will be given credit.

Images will be chosen for different sections based on varying criteria. While photos of winning competition entrants will certainly be included, this book is not designed to be a hierarchical listing of winners. This is intended to be an art book, not a journalistic document detailing competition statistics. The aesthetic quality of the photograph, the composition, the lighting, color and other factors will all be taken into account. This will stand as an authentic document sampling the best of the work done by a single community of artists for a given year. Space is limited and not every worthy entry will be included.
Books will be available for purchase via and at next year’s competition.

Do you want to submit a photo? Click here!


Books will be published by Archipelago International, Inc.