Model Applications for the 2017 Living Art America, The North American Bodypainting Championships are now CLOSED. However, we do occasionally have promotional opportunities available, and there is the 2018 competition to consider. Use the 2018 model app for this. 

If you are one of the 2017 models and have yet to register with us, please email us at and we will give you the direct link. THANK YOU for your patience.

2018 Model Application


Thank you for you interest in volunteer bodypaint modeling! 

Please note that no financial remuneration is expressed or implied from Living Art America and that Models are responsible for all costs related to their participation. Living Art America will endeavor to create a safe and respectful environment in which all event attendees may enjoy bodypainting in a fine-art presentation context, but it must be understood that Models participate at their own risk, and that monitoring the use to which guests put their photographic content is beyond the event organizer’s control.


About Modeling Photos

  • Please send us sample modeling photos. The photos do not necessarily need to be bodyainting model images.  You may send nude photos, but these are not required. Semi-revealing / bathing suit photos (if available) are helpful.
  • You may submit up to three image examples.
    • FORMAT: Please save the images in a “jpg” file format,
    • IMAGE SIZE: images should be no taller than 2000 pixels in height at screen resolution (which is 72 pixels per inch).
    • FILE SIZE: The file size should  be no larger than 2mg each.
    • IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT send us huge images. It chokes our email server and may void your application.

You MUST Rename your Image Files!

Please rename each of your image files BEFORE filling out this application. Rename the files with your name followed by a number, such as “modelname_01.jpg”, “modelname_02.jpg”, etc. Please do not use any spaces or unusual characters. Capitalization is allowed.

WARNING! If you do not rename your files we will have no idea which images are yours! This will void your application.