Artist Information 2017

Artist Information for Living Art America 2017

Welcoming artists of all nations to a colorful American event in its seventh year of production, The official North American Bodypainting Championship accommodates the practices and guidelines present in international bodypainting competitions, sanctioned as a World Bodypainting Association patronat event.

Living Art America®, The North American Bodypainting Championship – Bodypainting Festival USA
Saturday, October 14, 2017
NOTE: Our competition has moved out of Atlanta and is now taking place in North Carolina.

The theme for 2017 Living Art America (all competitions) – Heal the Body, Heal the World

Gallery Participation

The Living Art Gallery features work for sale by participating artists as well as selected pieces by Paul Chelko, courtesy of The Chelko Foundation. Registered artists that wish to showcase their work during the event, on a consigned basis may submit photos of up to 5 pieces for evaluation and selection. Space is limited. A portion of the Gallery proceeds will benefit the Chelko Foundation Scholarship fund.

Participating in the “Global Body Art Showcase”

A video showcase of art from around the world will be presented to the attendees at our competition. This is a fun, simple, easy way to participate—even if you cannot be here for the event.

Volunteer Models and Artist Assistants Available

You may choose to bring your own model or assistant or we can provide you with one (or both). There are qualified volunteer models and assistants that are eager to be part of the competition. They are available to you free of charge, though you may choose to compensate them at your discretion.

Feedback Appreciated!

We love to get constructive criticism, suggestions or even outright praise about how we’re doing with Living Art America. We read all your comments carefully. You guys have great ideas and we love hearing them!

Competition or Exhibition, YOUR CHOICE

Some artists want to participate, but prefer to not to compete. If this describes you, fear not! there are several ways you can be a part of Living Art America, have your work seen by the public (or not) and enjoy the event on your own terms.

When you fill out the Artist Application, there is a “note” section near the bottom of the form. Please leave us a message in that section.