Become an Artist Assistant

We have become increasingly aware that there is a desire for people to serve as artist assistants during the competition. In an effort to meet this desire, we are taking some preliminary steps towards creating an Artist Assistant Program.

This is a delicate proposition. So far we have had very good luck in matching artists with assistants, but it is a matter that bears some explanation before one decides to get involved. It is not for everyone. Please read this entire section before contacting us about becoming an Artist Assistant.

Please understand that this is a volunteer position and all costs related to the travel and participation of individuals is their responsibility alone.

This is for someone who loves the art of body painting, and wants to participate in the competition.  A certain degree of artistic talent is necessary, as is a basic familiarity with the materials, products and procedures involved in bodypainting. It can be exciting, intense and highly rewarding. It can offer a rare and unique learning experience, unlike any other. It can provide a real hands-on opportunity to work with an array of experienced artists of high skill and accomplishment.

In many ways, the Artist Assistant is a special individual. This is not a position that would be suitable for all. It requires someone with flexibility, energy and resourcefulness. Attention to detail and exceptional listening skills. Quick responsiveness and alert sensitivity. Most of all it requires patience and a great attitude. And punctuality.

Here’s what is NOT allowed.

  • It is not a time to ask questions of the artist
  • It is not a seminar or class
  • It is not time to do anything beyond the scope of what you’re instructed to do
  • It is not time to post photos on social media
  • It is not a situation that is set up so that you will “like it”.

You’re not there to have a “good time”. In fact, whether or not you get any benefit out of the experience is totally beside the point. You are there solely to do everything in your power to help the artist succeed. Sometimes that might mean just getting drinking water or cleaning brushes. Sometimes that means doing something that is beyond your comfort zone. Competitions are intense and demanding, and sometimes emotions run hot. The stakes are extremely high and there is no time for pleasantries. Everyone is there to win.

You might learn something or you might not. You might have a good rapport with your artist or you might not. You might get to paint or you might not. In short, it is not about YOU. Not at all. As the Artist Assistant, you are COMPLETELY under the command of the artist. No questions, no discussions, no fuss. When your artist says, “jump”, you jump without hesitation. 100% of the focus is on the artist and zero is on you. This is total commitment endeavor. Once you agree, you’re in for the complete tour of duty. Even if your artist barks like a drill sergeant. You see why we say it takes a special person to do this job?

We make no guarantee you will get an artist you like. We make no guarantee you will get an artist at all. This having been said, we will endeavor to make the best placements possible, given the circumstances. Note: a registration fee will apply to each SELECTED assistant. This is to cover basic costs, meals, etc.


If you have read the material above and you are still interested in becoming at Artist Assistant, please fill out the form below.