Another colorful week has flown by, here at the Living Art America HQ in Atlanta. We were indeed pleased to see footage of our 2013 competition artists’ work included as part of the visual presentation of SyFy Network’s “Naked & Painted” Special premiere. The interview line-up was an enjoyable one and featured bodypainters who offered a glimpse into their cache of knowledge and experience relevant to the art form. We’re grateful for the ever-expanding media spotlight encompassing more aspects of the modern bodypainting movement.

On our own pages, you’ll notice some updates to our “Hall of Fame”. Our resident design whiz has been burning the midnight oil, working his particular magic on the photographic images of the 2013 winners. A bevy of beautiful “web posters” will be spiraling out into the social media universe, so keep an eye out as we celebrate our champions in the coming days/weeks.

We have only just begun to conjure the creative collection of cool ideas set to command bodypainting the rightful attention it deserves. Stay tuned for everything we have planned, a vibrant future is in the works!