About The Chelko Foundation

Paul Chelko Founder

Paul Chelko, Founder

The Chelko Foundation was officially established in 2005 to commemorate and honor the life of Paul Chelko’s wife, Debbie.  Paul envisioned a world where women are free and no longer suffer from discrimination and violence, making a difference for women on a global scale through empowerment.

After obtaining its non-profit 501(c)3 status in 2007, The Foundation was no longer just a dream.  Before his death June 2, 2007, Paul hand selected a group of people that he charged with driving the mission and fulfilling his vision, “Until women are free, no one is free.”

“There are opportunities with the foundation for women to become empowered…to move beyond their present creative positions and create who they are individually and collectively as a more powerful and more effective voice in the world one that ends gender discrimination and creates the possibility of a future free from bias.”

The Chelko Foundation has established an active global presence. Hosting events which raise awareness and money for select causes, we award humanitarian grants and scholarships to deserving recipients.

  •  VISION:
    The Chelko Foundation envisions a world free of gender bias.
    The Chelko Foundation seeks to empower women through art, education and partnership by awarding scholarships in the arts and presenting special humanitarian grants.
  •  METHOD:
    The Chelko Foundation funds its activities through a combination of public and private donations, the sale of it’s art collection and special events.
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