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Paul Chelko Circa

Photo: Arthur Usherson

Throughout history, the human form was the focal point of master artists… Today, the subject is the art itself. Bodies as a Work of Art/Living Art America is the premier venue for artists to combine vision, technique and media to create original masterworks on live subjects. In mere hours, these talented artists explore the multidimensional world of the human form and give their ideas life…

Artist Paul Chelko’s love of the human form and his desire to paint on anything within reach prompted him to use the body as a canvas.  In keeping with his creative inspiration and his lifelong passion to live without boundaries, Bodies as a Work of Art was introduced in 2010 as the annual fundraiser for The Chelko Foundation.

Since 2008, Living Art America has offered patrons a unique opportunity to experience the varied techniques of many talented  artists.  As the North American Bodypainting Championship, a sanctioned World Bodypainting Association competition, internationally recognized competitors have joined  America’s finest body art show.  Artists may compete in either emerging artist or professional categories.

During the event guests will have an opportunity to view and purchase original and limited edition works by this year’s participants in our Artist’s Gallery. This years event will include artist seminars, workshops, additional galleries as well as world-class musicians and entertainers.


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Our Mission:

To provide a platform for artists to challenge their creative limits and elevate the art of Bodypainting in American culture.  Proceeds from Bodies as a Work of Art/Living Art America benefit The Chelko Foundation Scholarship and Grant program.


Both Bodies as a Work of Art and Living Art America are trademarks of The Chelko Foundation, a registered US 501-C-3 non-profit corporation in the State of Georgia. Federal ID 20-5938142.


A World Bodypainting Association sanctioned event.